I'm Gina, normally I'm a happy & adventurous person but....

When I realized I was 5'2 and near 200 lbs I felt devastated and decided to turn my life around. I would avoid looking in mirrors and my health was declining. That's not the pathway of life that was intended for me; or ANYONE...LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!

The first time around that I lost weight I fell into an even unhealthier obsession with food because I restricted myself from everything and I had no idea how to handle my emotions and daily life struggles causing me to spiral down and develop a binge eating disorder which I am slowly conquering one day at a time.

Binge free since: 03/23/14

Height: 5'2

Highest Weight: 194 lbs

SW: 189.0 lbs
CW: 171.0 lbs

UGW: Undecided